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Blog Silence Explained

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Hello all – I thought that I would explain why my blog has been somewhat dormant over the past few weeks.  During this time a number of events occurred that required the greater weight of my attention and energies. Firstly, I got married in a wonderfully small ceremony surrounded by family and a smattering of close friends. Second, my part of the world was cruelly struck by a number of earthquakes – not uncommon in New Zealand - that proved rather distracting and disruptive.  Unfortunately, there was some loss of life as a result of the shaking. But my country has been through this before and we are a resilience and caring society, so we move forward with fortitude and hope.

So drawing on traditional New Zealand understatement, the past few weeks have been rather eventful outside of blog writing.

However, I am back on board and ready to fire up my blog again with a series of posts which I hope will interest, inspire and entice my readers. This will include an exploration of one of New Zealand’s finest boutique hotels, the splendid Hotel DeBrett in Auckland.  My newly-minted husband and I spent a few lovely post-wedding nights there and quite simply loved every aspect of it – the interiors, service, location et al.  Also watch out for another cool Wellington company profile this Friday.