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CMID Project: City Apartment, Thorndon - Part Three

Here is the third and final part to the City Apartment tour. It has been enjoyable for me to take the time to step back and reflect on the progress we made on this project. We designers often finish a project, turn around and carry on with another without really having a chance to take it all in. Today we're looking at the 'before and after' of the bedroom and bathroom. Enjoy!

Bedroom - Before

Bedroom - After

The new wall, with its fold down bed, from the dining area created a straight flat wall for the bedroom, which was ideal as the clients were keen to have their new bed on this side of the room.This was because the view, looking over a beautiful old church, was more pleasant from this position. Storage was essential for the bedroom, so full height wardrobes were installed, a new lift-up storage bed was purchased and custom bedside tables with drawers were ordered to have as much storage as possible. Texture, colour and pattern from the bed head-board and the bed linen completes the space.

You can also see through the bedroom door that we changed the exposed laundry to a covered one with new bi-fold doors and changing the internal to suit a new washing machine and condenser dryer which were stacked on top of each other. 

Bathroom - Before


 Bathroom - After
The bathroom was the room that had the least change. The clients were happy with the existing shower and toilet, so along with a lick of paint and new flooring, we installed a new vanity for better storage and updated the heated towel rail. We completed the room with a lovely round timber-framed mirror and wall lights.
All 'after' photographs by Bonny Stewart- MacDonald.