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CMID Project: City Apartment, Thorndon - Part Two

Welcome to City Apartment, Thorndon - Part Two. I hope you enjoyed seeing the transformation of the living area yesterday and today, we are taking a look at the 'before and after' for the kitchen and the dining areas.

I received an email from a reader yesterday enquiring about the joinery for this project - asking whether the cabinetry was purchased or custom made for the project and who designed the kitchen. The joinery was custom made as we had specific requirements and you have to realise that everything delivered on-site had to fit in an elevator or go up a narrow stairwell to get to this apartment so the joinery arrived in pieces for my builder to install. The kitchen was designed by me which you will see more of in this posting. I am happy to answer questions if you have any so feel free to get in touch.

Kitchen - Before

Kitchen - After

You can see that when we designed the new kitchen, we decided not to have an upstand between the kitchen and the living room like the previous design. The clients and I felt it divided up the space and preferred a more open plan to give a spacious feel. We went with warm white cabinets and soft grey benchtop to keep the kitchen harmonious with the living area and installed a softer colour flooring too. Grandchildren often visit so the timber bar stools located at the end of the island, which we extended further with a overhang, is an ideal place for them to sit while adults work in the kitchen. Being an apartment where plumbing is not easy to move and the walls are fire-rated for a good reason, we kept the appliances and the plumbing in approximately the same location, while taking the new cabinetry from floor to ceiling for efficient storage.

Dining area - Before

Dining area - After

This main wall between the dining area and the bedroom was previously not straight - it was built on an angle from the window mullion and veered out towards the kitchen - most likely a technique to give the bedroom a feeling of being bigger than it actually was. We removed this wall and re-built a new one that was straight and at right angle to the window, created a step in the wall and used the extra space for in-built storage. We created two low side cupboards as we needed a special location for the vintage lamp and everyday items, like the phone, along with shelves for books and to display items. The centre panel where the striking landscape hangs is where the dining table sits in front of and hides a secret behind...

The secret is a fold down bed! This is an one bedroom apartment and the clients were keen to be able to have guests to stay so an extra bed was required. This was the successful solution! We have recessed lights in the wall behind for reading in bed, the Artek stool comes in handy as a side table and the dining chairs easily stack to the side.

All 'after' photographs by Bonny Stewart-MacDonald.