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CMID Project: Kelburn Kitchen

The completed Kelburn kitchen. Photo by Bonny Beattie.

I recently loaded something new on the Projects section which showcases the re-design of a new kitchen in Kelburn. As referenced in the project profile, the existing kitchen layout did not allow for extensive change, while the separate laundry was not well utilised. In order to demonstrate the design transformation, here are some 'before and after' shots of the kitchen.

Photographs by Bonny Beattie.

The kitchen and laundry - before
The kitchen and laundry - after

The most striking aspect of the renovation was the removal of the laundry wall, which opened up the kitchen space. The laundry and linen cupboard remain tucked away behind sliding doors. The 

Before the renovation, this space was occupied by an under-used window seat. Now it is home to a useful console unit. This means my clients have extra storage in a handy location for the entire family.

All 'after' photographs by Bonnie Beattie.


We are upgrading our kitchen

We are upgrading our kitchen now! The old 1960s formica is finally going out the door! I have nothing against white kitchens per se, but they feel very antiseptic to me and as such I don't want one. I like the natural look and feel of wood, so the cabinets we are getting just has a basic medium stain and we are getting warm off-white and brown countertops to match. The warm earthy tones really underscore that the kitchen is the heart of the home. I can't wait! I like the idea of bringing in color with wall paint. Appliances, new sinks..... You run a real risk with going for a color here. It's not something that can be changed easily, so if staying trendy is your thing, don't opt for the avocado green or harvest gold of the 2010s for your appliances unless you are rich enough to switch it out. Just hope all my ideas will meet the budget and pay I get from .

Post of the day

Man this kitchen is just perfect thing I need more of the pictures this is purely something Papers Arena have been endorsing some brand new ideas as firm as these one, hope to see coming more like these.