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Having a Wedding at Home

My childhood home and our wedding location

In November last year, we had our wedding ceremony not in a church or a hotel, but in my childhood home. We always wanted a small wedding surrounded by family and a few friends. We were lucky enough to have a family home that was able to accommodate a wedding ceremony and reception. Such was the design and style of the house, it provided a perfect venue for our special day. After this experience, Houzz asked me to write about how to have a wedding at home. The article is called Could Your House be a Dream Wedding Venue? and it was published this past weekend.

The day of the wedding brought with it a fair amount of rain and although this wasn't ideal, we had a wet weather plan at the house to put in motion. Despite the weather, it was a wonderful day enjoyed by all. Here are some lovely photographs from our wedding photographer, Anna Munro, to showcase how we prepared the house for the special day.

White tulle bows were tied around the trees at the front of the house to acknowledge the special occasion. 

In the formal living room, we created a makeshift altar around the existing fireplace. We took advantage of the peony season and placed large floral arrangements by Bloom Supply to enhance the occasion. We also laid an Armadillo and Co rug, on which we took our vows. One of the key things we learnt was making the existing space work for our needs. For example, we used an existing niche (which you can see to the right above) as a space to sign the official documents.  

After the ceremony, the chairs were moved next door to the reception area and the space became a great play area for the kids. Then later on, it became the dance floor.

While the nervous groom waited, I was upstairs getting ready in a dress that was made by my mother. There was a short walk down the staircase to the ceremony - no chance of this bride being late to the altar!

After our ceremony, we retired to the sun-room for celebratory champagne and speeches from our respective fathers. We located the bar by the sun-room and used a beautiful and vibrant floral arrangement as a centre piece for the space.

After our champagne, we ventured outside under heavy skies with Anna, our photographer for some quick snaps. We love how she used the architecture to frame the shots and provide an interesting backdrop. 

We had nine nieces and nephews in attendance ranging in age from one to 13. An advantage of having a wedding at home is the capacity to use extra space to keep the kids entertained when they needed to be throughout the long day. We had an activity room which was well-used and enjoyed by the younger kids.

After our post-ceremony drinks, we wandered downstairs to the main living space which hosted the dinner. We cleared the room of all existing furniture and carefully positioned tables to comfortably accommodate everyone. 

Individual stylised napkins were monogrammed with the first letter of each guests' name and were placed at each setting to be taken home afterwards as a small token.

The open plan kitchen allowed us to watch the chef in action while cooking and serving our dinner. The team from The Catering Studio did a wonderful job. They organised separate children's meals and had such an excellent dessert menu that we decided to sacrifice the traditional wedding cake to allow for extra sweet treats. We do not regret our decision!

All photographs by Anna Munro Photography.