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Houzz Article: The Utility and Beauty of Navy

My latest contribution to Houzz has been published! You can find it here. This one is about the use of navy in interior design. For those who know me will understand that navy is a firm favourite of mine - just take a look at my wardrobe!  Where a lot people instinctively defer to the colour black to offer notes of sophiscation and elegance, I suggest navy as a better option. To find out more, do have a read of the article. In the meantime, here are some inspirational images to whet your appetite. 

Lokal, a boutique hotel in Philadelphia by Jersey Ice Cream Co. Photo by Heidi's Bridge.
11 Howard hotel in Soho, Manhattan by Space Copenhagen. Photo via Dezeen. 

Navy drawer from a Brooklyn brownstone kitchen by Gerry Smith. Photo by Samuel Morgan.