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Kinloch Lodge: Another Scandi-Scot Blend in the Highlands

Kinloch Lodge, Sutherland, Scotland

Introducing Kinloch, a classic sporting lodge located three hours north of Killiehuntly, a luxurious retreat that we profiled last year. Kinloch and Killiehuntly are related in three inter-connected ways. Firstly, they are both owned by the same people - Danish husband and wife, Anders Povlsen and Anne Storm Pedersen. They also share the same design team of Anne and Swiss designer, Ruth Kramer. And finally, while the brief was different for both places, they both follow the same Scandi-Scot blend of contemporary Danish and traditional Scottish design. Kinloch offers a significant departure from its sister lodge. Whereas Killiehuntly provided its visitors with more feminine and softer interiors, Kinloch exudes considerably more masculine overtones in a more rustic setting.

A determining factor of the design brief for Kinloch was making it compatible to the strikingly beautiful setting in which it is located. Indeed the beauty and rugged surroundings significantly informed the designers' thinking. "We wanted to give the lodge a lived-in feeling right away. Since Kinloch is so far away from everything, we also imagined the people who previously lived here - a life connected to nature and the land, and used this as our inspiration", explained Ruth. She also noted that "Kinloch was about solitude, loneliness, and what the guests could see and seek to understand about the nature which is right there in front of you."

Kinloch was once the private lodge of Duke of Sutherland and to the delight of the designers it came ready with the aesthetic of a classic sporting lodge. While the building was in good condition when they started the work, the lodge, however, lacked personality and life. Anne and Ruth wanted to give the place a twist and make it more eclectic and contemporary. 

Ruth perfectly sums up the personality of Kinloch like this: "A place where you can feel the passion of the owner who is into nature, art, botanic and the people in the community". As sporting lodges go, this one is an exemplary fusion of modernity and tradition in equal measure. And, one that is understated in its luxury as is the landscape that surrounds it.

Words by Craig Greaves.
Photographs by Martin Kaufmann and courtesy of Kinloch.