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Menu Bottle Grinders by Norm Architects

Bottle Grinders designed by Norm Architects for Menu

I have been lusting after the Menu Bottle Grinders for a while now. My visits to Let Liv in Wellington usually entailed of me picking these up, admiring and handling their soft silhouette, and deciding which colour duo I would get. Recently we were lucky to be gifted these in the classic ash and carbon pairing for our wedding - so now they are looking stylish in our kitchen! Designed by Norm Architects for Danish company, Menu - it's true what they say about about these grinders being simple to use and they don't leave any traces of salt and pepper (or whatever you decide to fill them with) on the table because of the mechanism at the top. They are lovely to handle and work extremely well - I use them every night while cooking.

I have previously come across several projects by Norm Architects before - they are a Scandinavian multidisciplinary design studio and are known for their clean and minimalist designs. Their name 'Norm' is a reference to their 'drawing inspirations from traditions and norms that have been refined for many centuries within the field of architecture and aesthetics'. I found one of their more recent architecture projects called Reydon Grove Farm through a Scandinavian design blog called Hannah in the House - it is a beautifully designed and executed single-storey modernist house set down lightly on a working farm in Suffolk, UK. The size of the building was built in scale with the existing barns onsite. Here are a few visuals and if you would like to see more, you can through here.

Reydon Grove Farm, Suffolk, UK
Photographs of Reydon Grove Farm via Hannah in the House