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Christmas Tree Decorating

Here's a fun job I did yesterday...
I got an email on Friday afternoon from a branding company asking me if I could decorate a Christmas tree for their government client - and if so, quickly. Once I saw the photo of the sad looking tree, I had to say yes. I visited the office that day - saw the aqua and blue colours behind the reception desk therefore had the jumping off point for the decorations. Shopped in the weekend and on Monday afternoon, I decorated the tree. This is how it went...

The tree - before.


Moved the tree onto the carpet (closer to the waiting area) and the branches got some loving treatment.



Add fairy lights (x 3 sets of 200) and covered the stand with turquoise tulle.



And covered the tree in decorations - all 296 of them and pop the star on top.



Mission accomplished.

Photographs by Charlotte Minty.



Awww i love those different colors of christmas balls, very wonderful. Thanks for sharing the photos. I was actually looking for some fresh and beautiful Christmas tree decorating ideas for this coming holiday. this just gave me an inspiration. Happy Holidays!