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Houzz Article: Old Meet New - How to Add Antiques to Contemporary Interiors

Home of Malin Persson, Malmo, Sweden - photos by Petra Bindel

Another Houzz article of mine is now available for your reading pleasure. You can read it here. This one tackles the merger of the old and the new in interior design. That is, how to match antiques with a contemporary house. This can be a tricky exercise, not less of all addressing the challenge of getting the composition right for your modern home. To supplement the article and further understand this, here's some additional images that successfully achieve this balance. Before we get started, special shout out (and thank you) to Larissa and Frances of The French Revolution who I have earlier profiled. They have educated me in the ways of antiques as we work together on a residential project in Wellington.  

This case is interesting because it offers the inverse of the challenge of inserting old into new. Here we find contemporary works skillfully applied to a heritage house. I emphasis skillfully because it is the work of an interior design deity (in my eyes and I'm sure in others), Ilse Crawford. I first came across this image a number of years ago, but I was gratefully reunited with it when I watched the excellent Netflix documentary series, Abstract, which featured Crawford and her company, Studio Ilse. I highly recommend this particular episode to all those interested or indeed practising interior design - incredibly inspiring and insightful.



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