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West London Family Home

As the arrival of the new CMID blog draws near, we pause to reflect on designers that are of particualr appeal one way or another. We are drawn to the residential works of the Charles Mellersh Design Studio for its enduring commitment to simplicity without draining rooms of warmth and comfort. This is evident in an older post looking at previous Charles Mellersh work - see here - as it is with this more recent West London effort, as seen above and below. Though each interior is site specific and styled in different ways, both are undeniably warm and layered with eye catching visuals that do not burden the limited space. It's a good balancing act and effective interior design can often be reduced to finding balance.

Interesting sidebar: Charles Mellersh started his design career as a journalist and stylist, including a stint as an interiors editor with an influential magazine, Wallpaper*. This would have provided ample opportunity to hone his style and, perharps, approach his own design work with a practiced critical eye for what works for the broader readership/audience. And indeed, the rooms below have a certain unifying appeal to them that could cut across various demographics: male/female, family home/professional couple without kids, etc. It's both versatile and smart politics!

Words by Craig Greaves and photographs via Charles Mellersh Design Studio