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CMID Project: Ngaio Cottage - Part One

 Kitchen and dining area from the Ngaio Cottage project. Photo by Bonny Beattie

I have recently loaded a new project on my blog showcasing the completed re-design of a cottage in Ngaio. As referenced in the project profile, the original state of the cottage was outdated and lacking in sufficient space. In order to demonstrate this and the transformation that followed, here are some 'before and after' shots of the cottage. Today we take closer look at the kitchen and dining area.

The kitchen and dining - before


Kitchen and dining - after

You can see from the preceding photos of the original kitchen and the following end design that significant adjustments were undertaken. These included removing a wall between the kitchen and the living room, swapping the placement of the kitchen and dining room, and changing a large window to french doors (allowing access to a small deck and more natural light onto the space). This created an open plan area and more breathing room in what will be the busiest part of the house. Critical throughout the process was retaining the quintessential cottage feel, which was important to the clients.

Photographs by Bonny Beattie.



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