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292 - Roof on and Prepping for Cladding

The new roof is on and building paper going up.
Creating a cavity on the lower level - getting ready for cladding.
The new roof from above - a safe medium grey.

The roof was installed today. We have been waiting for the belated iron and finally it arrived this afternoon. It was a bit windy today so when the old roof came off, there a few blurs of the old building paper disappearing down the street. Whoops.
The new roof is on and the flashings have been measured up so they will be cut to size and installed over the next few days to finish off the edges. It is hard to see in the photos, but we chose a medium grey roofing colour. Safe, classic and neutral.
Euan the Builder has been busy putting up the building paper and creating a cavity for the lower level of the building. If all going to plan, we should see some cladding going up on Thursday.
We are carrying on with the original cladding - weatherboards on the upper level and Harditex on the lower level.
Photographs by Charlotte Minty.