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New Work - 'Library' being Installed.

Here are my joiners installing the shelves that I have mentioned previously on the blog - the first time when I was researching 'home libraries'; the second on library ladders and then we saw shelves in the factory before they were painted.
It has been a long process as my clients had a stint overseas in between. However, it is being installed today and tomorrow. It will be great to see the ladder up and running.
At the best of times, it is challenging to install custom joinery because buildings/walls are never truly square and have had movement over time. More so when it is this size! When I visited this afternoon - my guys were pretty knackered after spending a lot of time fitting and tweaking it.
I look forward to seeing it finished, seeing the ladder up and for my clients to fill up the shelves with all their books and objects. I will take some photos when they have done that. Til then...
Photograph by Charlotte Minty.