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292 - Interior

New interior framing - the hallway with the new bedroom at the end.
New interior doors - Linen cupboards to the right with bedrooms ahead and to the left.
In the bathroom - that's where the shower is going.
Almost finished priming the new weatherboards.

We have a busy week at 292 this week. The plumber and electrician are coming to do their magic before the insulation is installed next week.
You can see that builder Euan has been busy inside - new framing (pink timber) for the new rooms as well as straightening the existing. Some internal doors are up and we have a good sense of the space now.
We did some more prepping the weekend gone - I was on priming the weatherboards and putty hundreds of nail holes. Dad worked on the windows -  which at times is getting the best of him. Old timber windows that have been neglected is hard work!
Photographs by Charlotte Minty.