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292 - Exterior Painting

This is how we left 292 after our work over the weekend. We painted one day during the Easter break and we completed the final coats of paint on the fascia and soffit (this is around and under the roof). This had to be ready for the gutters that were installed today.
The new weatherboards are pre-primed but we primed over the nail holes to prevent any future swelling (hence the dots). We will putty these holes at our next session and prime all the weatherboards again due to the Resene 'cool colours' paint that we'll be using as a the final colour. We also primed the new 'Axon' cladding that is on the lower level.
You can see in this photo that the windows have been moved from the right hand side and into the new 'bay' in the middle. We'll be getting ready for the new sliding doors that will be installed hopefully later this week.
Photograph by Charlotte Minty.