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First Anniversary...


The first 'Anniversary' is traditionally marked with gifts made of paper - I think this small (15cm tall) paper Pop-Up Doll House with laser cut furniture would be the ideal Interior Design Blog first year anniversary present! From Upon a Fold website, an Australian online store that stocks all things fabulous in paper.
Photographs via Upon a Fold.


Hi Anna,
I got this Doll House from Upon a Fold (see the posting above for the link). It is made of a thick art paper. It's pretty small too - if you look at the RHS of my blog, you'll see the imnage of my book shelf. The Dolls house is sitting of my books. It's so lovely.
Thanks for reading my blog.

hi charlotte,
I love your work!
Can I ask you what kind of paper do you use for the Pop-Up Doll House?