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Styling - Getting Ready for a Magazine Shoot.

Bookshelves - colour coding the bindings
And adding details among the books.
A collection of objects on top of a shelf
Fresh flowers and fantail.
The awesome window seat.

My sister, Amelia is having her house photographed tomorrow for Home New Zealand magazine. So a couple of days ago, she booked in the two best interior stylists that she knows - Mum and me. This afternoon, the three Minty girls got together and worked the place into stylish ship shape. Amelia has a beautiful home so it wasn't hard work - just locating and composing all the elements together. I don't want to give too much away from the magazine article so I only took close up photos of some of the details.
I will mention that the rustic looking skeleton on the shelf was a gift from me. I brought it back from Toto Santos, a small town in the Baja Penisula, Mexico. He looks great next to the two canvases by John Reynolds.
Photographs by Charlotte Minty.


That is exciting news, congratulations to your sister, from the few shots you have shown us her house does look fabulous. xx