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292 - Update

292 - January 2010
292 - October 2010
292 - side view
292 - the other side

Life has settled and continued at 292. I haven't written much about it for a while, however, it all goes well. Both apartments have lovely tenants and the new garden is slowly growing with new shoots sprouting. Dad and I are almost ready to apply for the Code of Compliance. We have been finishing little details over the last few months - when weather, time and energy allows us. It was on this gorgeous day that I decided to take a good look on how far 292 has come - and indeed it has. Aren't before and after photos great?
Photographs by Charlotte Minty.

The back stair access to the top apartment - January 2010
Stairs restored and with a screen - October 2010
Screens cover the stairs and the back courtyard where rubbish bins and washing lines are hidden from view.
Showing the way to 292-B.
A little garden and colour at the side.
Love the pale blue front doors.
The new garden - starting to sprout away.