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Wallpaper - Marimekko

Marimekko Pienet Kivet
Marimekko Lumimarja

Due to several jobs I have on right now, I have been looking at a lot of wallpaper...

Wallpaper was not something I have used or recommended much of in the past, however due to several client's requests, that has changed. It has been great researching another decorative avenue and to find what I like. I have found some great options for some of my clients.
I thought I would do some wallpaper postings to show what I have seen. First up - the well known Finnish brand, Marimekko.
I received an email after this posting from Ben of Always Mod. They are a US based online retail store who specialises in Marimekko products. He let me know that they deliver to New Zealand. So if you liked the look of the wallpapers above or other Marimekko products, check them out here.
Photographs via Wallpaper Collective.


The wallpaper by marimekko is very exquisite and beautiful. It is a wonderful wall paper