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Work in Action - Kitchen Splashback


Lukas the tiler at work.

Leading up to Christmas, December has been a month of installations and finishing off details. This photo is from one of the more interesting jobs that I have been working on. I designed this kitchen for my clients around the middle of the year, however, it was delayed due to the purchased freestanding oven having to travel from Italy - a good 12 week wait. So in result, the kitchen has been installed this month (probably the most craziest month to do so) and the oven is arriving tomorrow. Woohoo.
Lukas the tiler is standing in the spot where the oven will sit and he is finishing off the tiled splashback. My clients commissioned a glass art tile and that is what Lukas is working on. It has been lit from behind hence the glow. Hopefully, I can get some good overall kitchen photos and show you all the cool details soon.
Photograph by Charlotte Minty.