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Royal Wedding - Buckingham Palace

White Drawing Room (click on the images to get a closer look.)
Green Drawing Room.
Blue Drawing Room.
State Dining Room.
Grand Staircase.

Okay, the Royal Wedding fever has started. The wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton is definitely starting to get interest worldwide and now there is a website with all you need to know about the big day. One detail of interest for me is that the reception is being held at Buckingham Palace. I'm not sure which of the rooms above is being allocated, however, after looking at these grand spaces, I do wonder if you could actually relax in there while holding a glass of red wine? (which after saying that, I checked all the photos again and most of the flooring has red in it. Clever.) I would be amazed to be in these rooms - what astonishing history and details to be found in them.
Photographs via The British Monarchy