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New Work - Bathrooms

Main bathroom

Following on from the new kitchen post last week - here are the new bathrooms from the same newly refurbished house in collaboration with Minty Architecture. We kept the same materials and finishes to both the bathroom and the ensuite.
It is hard to take photos of bathrooms as you don't really want see photos of toilets or yourself in the mirror, so I have mainly focused on the joinery. You can see how we used the joinery to set in the bath tap and mixer, which allowed for extra bench top space above.
I'm liking the semi recessed basins sunken into a white benchtop - to give the impression as one piece. It did mean that I took all the white laminex options (there is actually a few) to the bathroom shop and make sure we got the right white. The showroom assistant did think I was odd, however, you just have to get these details right!

Photographs by Charlotte Minty.


Very nice Charlotte, I like the soft color palate and clean lines. Im enjoying your blog. xx