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The Lovely Work of Kara Rosenlund

The kitchen from Rosenlund's Brisbane home.

I have started up a 'small practice' group with two other interior designers, which I think is great! I was always jealous of my father's and my sister's small practice architecture groups that they belong to. When you work on your own, having a support group to talk to is just so lovely and there is just so many issues to keep on top of.
Another thing that you can share is your sources of inspirations and Kerryn (from my cool new 'small practice' group) told me about Kara RosenlundRosenlund is based in Brisbane and is a talented stylist, buyer and vintage wares retailer. You can check out her website and blog here. Also her home was recently profiled on The Design Files - you can read about it here.


Photographs via Kara Rosenlund.




Hi Charlotte! Thanks for the post! **shucks** I'm so pleased to have found you via Father Rabbit! K xxx