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Christmas Windows Around the World - Part Three

The windows at Printemps, Paris - a stylish collaboration with Karl Lagerfield and Chanel.

Aren't the windows at Printemps great? They are modern and stylish, which is no surprise as the Parisian department store collaborated with world famous fashion designer, Karl Lagerfield and the even more famous fashion brand, Chanel. Each window scene is based at fashionable locations around the world and all have the stylish and classy touches of Chanel throughout.
I love seeing all these Christmas windows. Which ones are your favourite?

Set on a glamorous California runway - check out the hostess' go-go boots.



Ballerinas on a Moscow stage.



Mini Lagerfields in a snowy Paris.



Taking photos of the famous Chanel camellias



Futuristic Chanel hovercrafts and cityscape.




Photographs via Vanity Fair.