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Inspiration Profile: Kara Rosenlund

It's Friday again and, for us folks in Wellington, it is Anniversary weekend which means we have a day off on Monday. Nice! Friday also means this week's Inspiration Profile and today we have the delightful Kara Rosenlund. Enjoy.

Kara Rosenlund

What do you do: I am a props stylist and also a vintage wares retailer. I’ve been involved in the industry first as a photographer some 8 years ago and more recently as a stylist.

Where do you live: Brisbane, Australia

What are you working on: I am always working on my Travelling Wares Caravan Pop Up Shop, this also compliments my interior work for private clients and also magazine and cookbook publications. Right now I am concentrating on launching my online store and props hire.


Who/what inspires me: Anyone who has the self belief, confidence and desire to push their own abilities inspires me. It’s not always easy and there are definitely easier roads to take.

I work best: In the mornings; I am definitely an early morning fowl; not so much a late night owl.

What I do when I’m stuck for inspiration: Generally I get some perspective. Slowing the pace down and getting back to basics and observing. You can learn and be inspired by your own observations so much, it is limitless. I have always been a very observant individual and this has always complimented and assisted my work. I like this approach, as in this day and age it is rare to find a true original sense of inspiration.

The best advice I have been given is: Just do it. This isn’t in the Nike kind of way, just a no nonsense approach.

My latest discovery is: Well, it’s not really a discovery, however I have recently become obsessed with pewter.

Books that I get inspiration from: Ilse Crawford’s book ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’ is a staple; whenever I need clarity I always find this book brings it in bucketloads, both on a personal and professional level.


Magazines that inspire me: World of Interiors, I have always loved. Vogue Living, of course. Monocle, the perfect travel companion.

Blogs that I enjoy: On the home front I really enjoy The Design Files, The Selby, My Vibe My Life by Kelly Wearstler, on the fashion side of things I really like The Coveteur and Garance Dore, on the shopping side of things I really like Father Rabbit's blog, and then on the wedding front (I am getting married this year) I am devouring both Studio Sixty and Nikole Ramsay’s blogs, obsessively, plus Snippet and Ink and 100 Layer Cake.

My favourite room at home is: Our bedroom, it is a true sanctuary away from it all. There is no other purpose to this room except to sleep and relax. No clothes piles, no computer, just beautiful textures and calm colours.

My office is: Unorthodox. An old long heavy worker's bench is my desk, with my ten year reference library archived underneath in piles of books and magazines.

What am I looking forward to: Achieving balance. Home, Life, Work.

Would you like to know more about Kara Rosenlund? You can check out her website here, her 'Travelling Wares' Facebook page here or follow her on Twitter here.

Photographs used with permission from Kara Rosenlund.


I have already read through this profile several times but I love Kara so much I had to take another peek. x

Hi Judy Minty! Aren't you so sweet posting here. I had been meaning to say hello to you and to say thank you for the lovely comment about our wedding - aren't you kind! Isn't your daughter clever! Have a great weekend! Kara xx

Thank you Charlotte I really love this weeks inspiration. I love what you are doing and both Jeremy Hansen and Kara have been inspiring to me.
Can't you imagine what a gorgeous wedding Kara is going to have? Enjoy your day. love Judy Minty xx(Mum)