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Mathias Dahlgren by The Selby

When I came across The Selby's latest posting, I instantly recognised the work of Studio Ilse. These are two contrasting Mathias Dahlgren restaurants, Matbaren and Matsalen, at the Grand Hotel Stockholm, Sweden. While I encourage you to look at the rest of The Selby's profile to enjoy the whole experience, I'm appreciating getting up close to Studio Ilse's design and details. 
I like the contrast between the fast food bar and slow food restaurant, especially the collection of furnishings and lighting. And what about that patterned tile floor? Stunning!

Entrance hall
Fast food bar
Slow food restaurant

Photographs via The Selby.


Hi Jan, I long to visit Sweden too! I think experiencing this restaurant would be amazing - especially in use with people in the space. It is definitely added to my list of places to visit.
Thanks for your comment. C.

I would LOVE to go to Sweden one day, and this would be an inspiring place to pop into for lunch. The tile floor is quite amazing, though the herringbone in the other room is always a hit with me. The 'artichoke'light goes on my wish list. (dont know the correct name for this light, but thats what it reminds me of)