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Inspiration Profile - Catherine Lazure-Guinard

Do you enjoy and admire Scandinvian design, architecture and lifestyle like I do? Then you must check out this great website Nordic Design - From Scandinavia with Love. I'm a regular to this site and recently I wanted to find out more about the people behind this website.
So meet this week's Inspiration Profile - Catherine Lazure-Guinard from Nordic Design.


Catherine Lazure-Guinard


Stroget, the pedestrian street in Copenhagen. Photo: Guomundur Albertsson

Name: Catherine Lazure-Guinard







What do you do: I created Nordic Design about two years ago. It started mainly as a personal design reference, and it has evolved into an information platform for people sharing a passion for Scandinavian design, architecture and lifestyle.


Where do you live: After 7 years in Europe, I moved back to my homeland, Canada. I now live north of Montreal, in the countryside.


What are you working on: I am always on the lookout for interesting topics for the website, but I am also working on special projects such as City Guides and a pop-up store. I have more ideas than time. So I try to make the most of everyday to slowly, but surely, bring Nordic Design at another level.

Who/what inspires me:



Loving the vintage Swan chair by Arne Jacobsen. Photo: Line Thit Klein
I work best: I don’t really have a specific moment. It depends on what’s on my to-do list, I guess. I know at night it can take me a while to fall asleep because I like to review the day and I usually come up with new ideas.

Kjartan and I do like to go on long drives; the car is where we’ve had our most productive braistorm sessions so far!

What I do when I’m stuck for inspiration: My guilty pleasure is to buy a bunch of magazines and to spend a lazy afternoon on the couch devouring the content until my eyes hurt. But I’ll have to admit, I am a Pinterest addict! I am rarely stuck for inspiration, thanks to it! It is a fantastic way to keep track of and categorize all the great things I find on the web, as well as to share discoveries with like-minded people.

The best advice I have been given is: I like quote and motivational words of wisdom, especially when they’re about optimism, self-belief and the confidence to reach personal goals. I especially like this one from Eleanor Roosevelt below.




My latest discovery is:




    Books that I get inspiration from: Whether it is about photography, architecture, or interior design, I love a chunky coffee table book with beautiful images.
    Although it is a cookbook, Redzepi’s ‘Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine’ definitely finds a place in my living room. The pictures are from Ditte Isager and truly ‘make the book’. It is stunning and inspiring.
    I also collect Wallpaper’s cityguides. They are the perfect travel companions for fans of art, architecture, unusual places, and modern amenienties.  If it is available, I buy a book whenever I am travelling to a new city.




    Images from 'Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine'. Photos: Ditte Isager










    Magazines that inspire me: Whenever I get a chance to travel to Scandinavia, I stack up on magazines such as Bolig, Residence Sweden, Bobedre, RUM ID Denmark, and Sköna Hem. I also like Côté Paris and Elle Decoration UK very much, as well as Monocle – I never miss an issue! Besides that, I believe flipping through auction catalogues is a nice way to train my eye to spot fab vintage pieces.
    Blogs that I enjoy: There are so many! It’s a pity there is just not enough time to visit all the blogs I bookmarked, but it’s great to discover so many talented people willing to share their passion and knowledge with the rest of the world. There are a few blogs I check on a regular basis that I find visually inspiring: 


    A bedroom styled by Lotta Agaton. Photo: Agent Bauer.


    My favourite room at home is: I’d have to say the ground floor! It is one big open space with living room, kitchen and dining area. Each wall has a window or french doors, so there is a lot of natural light coming in. I like to cook and have guests over, and this space is perfect to entertain. For me, the highlight is our long 10-seater teak table found at a flea market in Denmark, combined with Series 7 chairs in black leather. Gorgeous!
    Series 7 chairs by Arne Jacobsen. A timeless design.

    My office is: Under construction! We are renovating, and we’re still getting rid of moving boxes. Piles of magazines, books, wrapping paper rolls, and knick knacks are everywhere. We recently built a desk going from wall to wall, stretching across the room. We’re gradually shaping the room into a proper home office.
    What am I looking forward to: I could go on and on about thing I look forward to. As we just moved to the new house, I am looking forward to start feeling at home, and that the space is “ours”.
    I am a full-time marketing communication consultant, which I love, but I really look forward to be able to dedicate much more time to Nordic Design.
    Mostly, I don’t always have specific plans or project to look forward to. Just the anticipation of what’s ahead is a pretty good start: The unexpected, new friendships, discoveries, joyful moments. I believe good things come to those who are open and receptive.
    Want to see, read and keep up to date about Scandinanian design, architecture and lifestyle? Read Nordic Design here, like their Facebook page here or follow them on Twitter here.
    A Scandinavian Dining room. Photo: Sisters Agency.
    Black, grey, white and wood - a great combination. Photo: Line Thit Klein

     Collection of photographs by Catherine Lazure-Guinard and all photographers are credited.