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Harry Potter - Production Design

The set for the 'Room of Requirement'

Yep, I'm happy to admit that I am a Harry Potter fan. I loved reading the series by J.K. Rowling and it was great to see them brought to life in the stunning films that were so dedicated to the books.
What is even more fascinating is finding out how the fantastical places and scenes were brought to life via the work of production designer, Stuart Craig and set decorator, Stephenie McMillan. They are both nominated for the best Art Direction at the upcoming Academy Awards. Read about how some of these great locations came about here.

These mountains of chairs had a plywood core with two layers of real furniture attached



Gringott's Bank - the marble columns are made with paper that has been dipped into trays of coloured oil and water.



The Boathouse - where Professor Snape meets his demise.

Photographs courtesy of Warner Brothers via Vanity Fair.