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Movie Inspiration - Sense and Sensibility

Scenes from Sense and Sensibility - the Dashwood family at Barton Cottage

I have been watching old films of late and one I saw recently was Sense and Sensibility (1995), with Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson as the Dashwood sisters.
I've always enjoyed Jane Austen movies and this film has some great interiors - some very grand and others more simpler. I liked 'Barton Cottage' the most - it has lovely details yet still simple and homely. I'd be happy to get my hands on a place like this. What about you - do you notice the interiors when you're watching a film?

Photographs via Hooked on Houses.




Oh yes, I always notice interiors when I watch a film - that, and photography (like what's in focus, moods & colours, perspective of shooting...).
Sense and sensibility is one of my favourite film, I've seen it so many times...

That's often the best bit about many movies. I loved Bright Star and It's Complicated. I could live in both houses.

Julie Q