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Rooms at NoMad Hotel, New York

The rooms at NoMad hotel

This is NoMad hotel, located in New York, which was brought to reality by Andrew Zobler (who is also responsible for Ace Hotel, one block from NoMad) and designed by Jacques Garcia. The Manhattan hotel will be opening its doors next week.

"We encouraged Garcia to go back to his roots and do something more youthful and relaxed. We want people to come here and have a quality experience but not feel that things are too precious to touch. Romance is an important word for us that's missing in a lot of New York hotels." Zobler, Monocle magazine.

For the rooms, Garcia was inspired by a photograph of a Parisian apartment where he lived in his 20's - think claw foot baths, antique writing desks and windows with architectural views. It looks great and I would most happy to hang here...







Photographs via T Magazine and NoMad.