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Marthe Armitage Wallpaper

High Road House, Chiswick, London

You may recognise this place as I have previously featured it (see here). I bring it up again as over the last month I keep seeing the name, Marthe Armitage popping up and this morning I saw it again in a newsletter so I began investigating. Marthe Armitage is responsible for the wallpaper used in these rooms at High Road House, London and the papers were selected especially for the house by Ilse Crawford.
Chiswick based artist Marthe Armitage creates and hand prints her wallpapers from lino blocks in her studio and has been doing this for 40 years. Yep, Armitage is in her 70's and still hand prints the stunning wallpapers herself - what an awesome woman.
Go here to see her wallpaper range - it's worth having a browse through.







Marthe Armitage



Armitage's 'Chestnut' wallpaper used here in this West London home.

Photographs via High Road House and Daily Mail.


Thanks Jan! Isn't she amazing? And welcome back - hope you had a great trip away. Thanks for catching up and for your comments. C.

I really love the whimsical chestnut paper in the black and white room, it removes any hint of severity often associated with a B/W colour scheme. What a grand lady Marthe is. Great to catch up on your blog again after a trip away.