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Axe Restaurant by Laure Joliet

Photographer Laure Joliet has been capturing recommended eateries around LA for Remodelista - featured here is Axe restaurant found on Venice Beach. Simple, solid and soulful interiors which suit the Californian vibe and the 'honest food' menu. Read more about this restaurant here.

Sorry for the lack of action on the blog this week - my email was hacked and the crummy hackers spammed my entire address book! So I had to clean up the mess and sort out my new email address. If you were affected by the spam, please know that I am not in Spain needing money! Thanks.











Photographs by Laure Joliet for Remodelista.





Very serene decor, I'm loving all the straight lines. Those chairs are gorgeous, too.

Love the wide black framing around the windows. Dont you hate having to waste your precious time cleaning up after nasty selfish people like hackers. A big fat raspberry to them!!!