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Stylish Swedish Apartment

It was the kitchen that caught my eye - not only is the cabinetry not white, it is in a colour and not just any colour - but mint green. This bold move is not surprising when you find out that this cool apartment happens to belong to Scandinavian stylist and writer, Emma Persson Lagerberg. See this Decor8 posting which shows the previous white kitchen before the transformation and you can appreciate how modern this pastel colour can be. Add in luxurious marble for the bench top and splash back, a touch of warmth with the brass kitchen mixer and timber dining furniture to create this successful result.
Photographs by Petra Bindel for Elle Interior Sweden


Jan - they certainly know how to make it work, don't they? I look forward to a trip to Scandinavian one of these days...

Hi Kim, Thanks for your comment - yes the marble in the kitchen is great! I've noticed a lot marble used in kitchens of late - I guess it is a nice and less starck option than plain white.
Thanks for reading my blog too.

The Scandinavians do the 'almost colour' colours so well. I love everything about their design, styling etc. The big stacks of books give a cosy relaxing feel, and the wood in the kitchen warms it up.

I love the pale green cabinets and marble backsplash in the kitchen, and those gorgeous windows in the lounge!

Agree, mint-green-grey is gorgeous. Hope you are well.