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Home and Office of Peter Zumthor

This is the home and office of Swiss architect, Peter Zumthor. His most famous design is the Therme Vals spa in Switzerland, where the baths all appear around the corner or down some steps.
His works are subtle, elegant and loaded with integrity. He usually designs from the inside out, therefore the exteriors are unassuming and sometimes do not grab you (The Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2011 is a good example). However, it is in the interiors that the details become prevalent and senses of the occupants are realised.
It was great to come by these images of his home and office as Zumthor tends to fly under the radar and has managed to keep his successful career and office in the Swiss town of Haldenstein.
Photographs from ArchiSquare.
Last week, I was kindly featured as a 'Designer Spotlight' on Christine Martin's Somebody's Home blog. I have happily asked people to participate in my Inspiration Profile, so it was interesting to have the tables turned on to me for a change. Read it here.












Truly exquisite! His architectural skills are magnificent. He can truly come up with the best designs for a perfect office ambiance.