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Outtakes from HOME New Zealand

A minimal living area overlooking Auckland's cityscape by Andrew Patterson. Photograph by Simon Devitt.

I love seeing these outtakes from HOME New Zealand magazine - they distill, in a range of single images, the great variety of New Zealand architecture and design. Keep up the good work HOME New Zealand.

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A farmhouse near Nelson by Wellington architects, Tennent + Brown Architects and landscape design by Wellington's Wraight & Associates. Photograph by Jason Rothenburg.



An Auckland cottage renovation by architect, Pamela Ingram - the poem on the wall is by A.R.D Fairburn. Photograph by Patrick Reynolds.



A chic living area in this new home by Hillery Taylor Architects, located in North Shore, Auckland. Photograph by Simon Devitt.



A teenager's hub in an addition by architect Jeremy Smith. Photograph by Patrick Reynolds.



A feather cloak inspired facade by Andrew Patterson in Ponsonby, Auckland. Photograph by Simon Devitt.



A log cabin in New York state's Adirondack Mountains designed and built by New Zealander ex-pat Adrian van Schie and wife Alexandra Perce-van Schie. Sons Huck and Tana play by the fireplace.  Photograph by Emily Andrews.


Photographs via HOME New Zealand FB page.