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Olympic Park Gardens

European planting by Sarah Price in the Olympic Park gardens.

The 2012 Olympics are over and there were so many aspects of great design throughout the whole event - from the buildings, the uniforms (and sneakers), the ceremonies, the Olympic torch and the branding. What I'm appreciating is the Olympic Park gardens - they were in full bloom during this epic sporting event and it is these gardens that soften the urban landscapes around the main Olympic locations. The overall effect of the planting is very 'natural', ie plants growing together in spontaneous drifts. However, they have been brought together deliberately to create a low-maintenance, long flowering display. Would it be great if all public spaces were like this? Lovely.

Blue cornflowers and orange margiolds in the meadow around the stadium by Nigel Dunnett.



The South African border by Sarah Price with red gladioli and blue agapanthus.



A prarire inspired scheme with yellow rudbeckia and pink echinacea by Sarah Price.







A meadow of annuals by Nigel Dunnett.



The 'ribbon of gold' meadow by Nigel Dunnett.





Photographs by Sarah Price and Nigel Dunnett via Telegraph.