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Hobbit Fever in Wellington

The cast and crew arrive in Wellington in the Air NZ Hobbit plane yesterday.
Wellington is buzzing with Hobbit fever today as it is the world premiere of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit this afternoon at our Embassy theatre. The whole town has jumped on board to celebrate the film that has been created right here in Wellington, mainly in a suburb called Miramar.
I walked by Courtenay Place this morning (where the red carpet is) and there are many hobbit, elves and Gandalfs walking around - I fear they will roast in those woolley costumes today. So to get in the spirit, why don't you find out your hobbit name here? I did and it's Daisy Bulge of Hobbiton. Classy!
Inside the main terminal in Wellington airport - Gollum peeks in.
The NZ Post building has a Hobbit theme.
Gandalf guarding the Embassy theatre - where the world premiere is being held.

Photographs via Wellington NZ