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Inspiration Profile - Julia Atkinson

Welcome to this week's Inspiration Profile - we have fellow blogger, Julia Atkinson from Studio Home. Welcome! It's great to have Julia's profile today as she has been running her blog for 4 and a half years and she posts exclusively about creative talent down under.

Julia Atkinson


Studio Home

Name: Julia Atkinson




What do you do: I have just finished up my full time ski area marketing job to go freelance in social media management and to allow time to further develop my design blog, Studio Home.



Where do you live: Big changes! Currently in transit in Canterbury after leaving my home of Wanaka for the bright lights Auckland!
What are you working on: Continuing to post inspirational fun content on a daily base as well as develop the millions of ideas currently aching to move from my notebook to real life! These include furthering my interview series Fly the Coop, taking Studio Home out of the interweb and in front of an audience and offering some meaningful and useful resources to those creatives online. But so much more!
Who/what inspires me: *Every single person, business, product that I post about! My blog has a very narrow focus as it is, but I never post anything that I don’t personally find inspiring or love!
*The ever evolving list of blogs that I read daily (from my phone in bed!)
*The “headmistresses” of the recent blog course I attended in New York. Gala Darling, Kat Williams and Shauna Haiger were glowing examples of the opportunities available online to those that get out there and grab them!

Gala Darling at The Blogcademy  Photo: Julia Atkinson.
Beneath the Sun (Australian homewares brand)
Jeremy Blincoe (Australian based NZ photographer)
I work best: After years of blogging only at night after work, I am yet to know the answer! I like to think it will be something lovely like 2-4 daily after I have done all the jobs I usually procrastinate on! Eg- emails, banking, invoicing….gross
What I do when I’m stuck for inspiration: I definitely do have some favourite go-to websites, artists, brands and magazines that I go to when I feel like the blogging well is dry.  And it is the perfect excuse to buy some mags! But mostly I have an open word doc. and notebook that I am constantly noting potential blogworthy content on. I do this now without even thinking – my eyes and ears are constantly on automatic pilot scanning for material!
The best advice I have been given is: I have a few but a couple of quote mentioned at The Blogcademy really caught my attention - “Evolve or evaporate” and
“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself” – George Bernard Shaw
My latest discovery is: Instagram….oh dear lord I love instagram!
Studio Home on Instagram


Instagram by Corinne Tan


Books that I get inspiration from: I have just downloaded the audio book for the “Fire Starter Sessions” by Danielle LaPorte.
Magazines that inspire me: Inside Out, Urbis, Idealog, Yen, Frankie, Mindfood, Anthology + Kinfolk (USA)
My favourite room at home is: Sorry but definitely my whole apartment that I am about to move into in Auckland! I lived up there about 6 years ago and LOVED the apartment. I am very lucky that it is owned by my family so I can finally feel like I am paying rent to people that matter! (and not feel guilty about putting nails in the wall!!)
My office is: (will be) trestle table in living room and my lap on the sofa
What am I looking forward to: Testing the bounds of my own work ethic and ideas.

Want to find out more about Studio Home? Check out the website here, like the Facebook page here and follow the Instagram page here.
Kelly Thompson (Australian based NZ photographer and artist)


Studio Home Colour Lover



All photographs are used with permission from Julia Atkinson and Studio Home.