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Staircase from The Bourne Legacy

The original Federal interior of the Dr Oliver Bronson House - does it look familiar to you?  It should be if
you've seen The Bourne Legacy.


The three storey elliptical staircase

I'm so relieved as a mystery has finally been solved for me - all thanks to Remodelista.
I first saw the film, The Bourne Legacy last year and was intrigued by the house that Rachel Weisz's scientist character lived in - which, to my disbelief, got destroyed. The part of this house that blew me away was the three storey elliptical staircase. It was stunning - I hadn't seen anything like it.
Afterwards I tried to to find information about the movie set - was it a real house or a staged set; to no avail. It really annoyed me!
However, as of this morning, I now know that this house was a movie set based on a real historic house called the Dr Oliver Bronson House, found in Hudson, New York. The original house was considered too fragile to deal with the rigours of filming so a replica was built. Read all about it here on Remodelista.
Photographs by Michael Fredericks via Dr Oliver Bronson House Day Book.



That house was one of my fav parts of the movie! I used to live right near there, oh the amazing houses left to ruin in that part of NY, its so sad!