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Norwegian Summer House

Spotted today on Arch Daily is this gorgeous Norwegian summer home designed by Filter Arkitekter As. I love the use of timber throughout the spaces and the overall simplicity of the home. And the bedroom wall lights and the striking black windows. And the outdoor shower. And the black leather Arne Jacobsen 3107 chair...I could go on. 

Photographs by Elisabeth Aarhaus  via archdaily.


Thank you for showing beautiful pictures of our cabin taken by Elisabeth Aarhus. You are right, the place is gorgeous, thanks to the architects. We love to be here, and spend all the Norwegian summer here, which means half of june, july and half of august. Now, the place is by its most beautiful and peaceful.

Thank you for your lovely

Thank you for your lovely comments about your cabin. I have only seen your comments just now! Great to hear from you and so pleasing to hear that you love the place so much. It is a beautiful design in a stunning location. X