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Woven Light Pendants

I have been looking at natural woven light shades with a client and it has been great looking at the available options. I found the photograph above from Home Beautiful as an inspiration image - it shows how beautifully the open rustic style of the woven pendants contrasts with the clean lines of the kitchen.

Woven lightshades over the main dining table at a holiday house in Australia.
Bamboo cloches are used over a kitchen island in an Avoca beach house, Australia.
Rustic woven pendants hang over a table in an L.A. restaurant, Hyperion Public.



Hi, some of the lights shown are from Koskela in Australia. They are some similar looking ones at Freedom furniture too. Hope that helps!

I love these lights. When I grow up and have lots of money these will be the lights in my amazing beach house!!!!!