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Charlotte Minty Interior Design is Ten Years Old

Charlotte Minty Interior Design is ten years old! My, time has flown - and as I think back, some of it is a little fuzzy!
I have had many fantastic clients over the years who have taken me on (thank you) and who have challenged me with their briefs. And boy, there has been a variety - interior design, wedding design, visual merchandising, teaching, magazine styling, furniture design and so on it goes. I love the challenges and have learnt so much. It is most satisfying for me as I finish each job with happy clients.
A big shout out goes to my family - especially to my mentor, Alan Minty who continually takes the time to look over my work and freely share his years of wisdom in the architecture industry. To Judy Minty, Dorian Minty and Amelia Minty, who over the years I have either collaborated with, have discussions and bounce ideas with, who buoyed me up when things got challenging as well as other aspects that come with working in design and running your own business. Your love and support is priceless - thank you so much.
Here's to another ten years!
Photograph via oncewed.