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Inspiration Profile - Gemma Cagnacci

Welcome to the latest instalment to our Inspiration Profiles - this week we have the lovely Gemma Cagnacci, whose creative and inspiring blog, line x shape x colour, I found earlier this year. I recommend checking out this seasoned traveller's blog as it is a visual feast and a great way to travel vicariously from your chair. It's a treat to have her featured here today.
Gemma Cagnacci
Los Angeles, USA

Name: Gemma Cagnacci

What do you do: By day I am textile designer for a large home wares wholesaler, which I have been doing for about seven years. However, in my spare time, I love to visually document my travels and creative projects for my blog line x shape x colour which is over two years old now.
Where do you live: Surry Hills in sunny Sydney, Australia
What are you working on: I’m always working on our next travel plans, trying to fit a in a sneaky trip  wherever possible! My husband Andrew and I are planning on doing some trekking in Nepal next year, so I’m in the process of researching that. I also just received a printmaking kit for my birthday and am currently working on some ideas to get started with that. I did a bit of printmaking while at uni, so I’m pretty excited to get back into it.
Lake Wanaka, New Zealand
Tasmania, Australia
Sailing, Turkey

Colour: Any shade green

Plant/Flowers: Big lush tropical greens like Nicolai palms and Fiddle Leaf figs

Food: It’s a tie between Lebanese and Mexican (especially tacos!)
Smell: Jasmine on a balmy spring day
Style: I love both minimalism and eclecticism, separately and together.
Khiva, Uzbekistan

Urfa, Turkey
Who/what inspires me: My grandmother has been a massive influence and inspiration, having travelled and lived all over the world, filling her home with all sorts of treasures from her travels. She also had great interest in textiles, creating all sorts of amazing pieces including weaving on her very own loom. Growing up, it was incredibly inspiring being in that environment, hearing all her stories and just her general attitude to life.
I work best: I’m definitely a night person when it comes to getting into a productive groove.
What I do when I’m stuck for inspiration: Pinterest is great when I’m a little bit stuck, otherwise getting off the computer and listening to some music also does the trick.
The best advice I have been given is: Pretty simple but, be yourself and trust your gut. Also, to be patient.
My latest discovery is: Toro Y Moi. Why it has taken me so long to discover his music, I have no idea. But I’m glad I finally have!
New York City, USA


Books that I get inspiration from: I find photography books by the likes of Steve McCurry are always super inspiring. So too are are any on ethnic textiles and jewellery. I’m not a big reader of novels and prefer my non-fiction - especially when there are lots of pictures. I’m a very visual person!
Magazines that inspire me: Vogue Living, Monocle, Saturdays Surf and National Geographic.
My favourite room at home is: Either my living room, as it is full of sunshine and some of our most precious treasures or the dining area, as my husband and I love to entertain and have our friends over for dinner whenever possible - especially in summer.
My office is: Wherever I have my Macbook!
What am I looking forward to: My sister and I are taking our mum away on surprise overseas trip to celebrate her 50th birthday. We have given her a packing list, but she has no idea where she is going, and won’t find out until she arrives at the airport! We leave in a couple of days and are all super excited!
Frankfurt, Germany
Lisbon, Portugal
Photographs are by and used with permission from Gemma Cagnacci


One day my travel photos will look this good... one day...

Loved this interview with Gemma! She is such an inspirational photographer - I love all the pictures featured above! Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing, Kristina x