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Inspiration Profile - Meg McMillan

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Well, I know that a whole lot of new colourful and exciting stock has arrived at Tea Pea just in time for your Christmas shopping. And they do free shipping for all orders over $150 - excellent!
Tea Pea has recently opened a new brick and mortar store in Khandallah, Wellington and I was grateful that Meg McMillan, owner and creative mind behind Tea Pea, managed to find some time in her busy schedule to do the Inspiration Profile for this week. Enjoy!

Meg McMillan
Name: Meg McMillan
What do you do: Owner, buyer and designer for Tea Pea, our store in Wellington and online. Also mother to three, Griffin, Coco and baby Rosie. And wife to Scott who works in advertising as a day job, and Tea Pea as an evening job.
Where do you live: Wellington, NZ
What are you working on:Juggling all of the above! It helps that home, the store, our local deli and the kids school is all within walking distance.
Little Lamb felt garland

Colour: Oh I love colour. Primary colours and pastels. And there are so many amazing colour combinations I adore too. Then mixing patterns and colours - oh my! If I had to choose just one colour it would definitely be pink.

Plant/Flowers: Peonies, and thank goodness they only have a short season or I'd be broke. And dahlias too, and as luck would have it we have the most incredible dahlias growing in our garden through summer. Also have a growing collection of indoor plants.
Food: Yes, I love food. French and hearty would be my favourite I think. I'm a 'good ingredients and keep it simple' sort of cook.
Smell: Flowers, especially Jasmine and Daphne, my baby Rosie, a delicious meal.
Style: Surround yourself in what you really love. That's my style, and what I suggest to clients.
The new Tea Pea Store

Who/what inspires me: Enthusiastic, clever, and hard working people.

I work best:  in the morning. Evenings are for wine and dancing.
What I do when I’m stuck for inspiration: Get away from my laptop! Go outside, hang out with the kids, catch up with a friend.
The best advice I have been given is: Well, it's from Pinterest - does that count? 'Start each day like it's your birthday'. However I also tend to live by 'Bite off more than you can chew'.
My latest discovery is:Armadillo & Co rugs. I'd like one in every room in the house.
Armadillo & Co rug in New Zealand wool.

Books that I get inspiration from:A good novel - a lovely escape.
Magazines that inspire me: There's so many - if only I had the time to leisurely read them all.
Blogs that I enjoy: There's loads of great NZ blogs - Cush & Nooks, Design Chaser, Studio Home, Milo& Mitzy, re:address, Beautiful Bedlam, Alex Fulton Design.
My favourite room at home is:Our living room. Family, food & fun all happens there.
My office is: a mess!!!
What am I looking forward to: Summer
Feliz Love and Happiness pillow cases