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Latitude Collection from Armadillo & Co.

Kilim Weave - Nomad in Fern Multi-colour

I love a good floor rug and I have mentioned on here before, Australian brand Armadillo & Co rugs tick all my boxes. High quality, sustainable materials, aesthetically pleasing, offer a bespoke service for designers and good business ethics. Now they are to release several exciting projects in February, including a range of rugs that you can see here called the Latitude Collection. You like? I do.
The new collection is inspired by the founders' (Sally Pottharst and Jodie Fried) love of intrepid world travel and these traditional kilim weaves have been reinterpreted with vibrant colours. The rugs are handcrafted from Argentinian wool and use a unique dye method called 'Abrash' - “It’s a specialised and ancient dying process that results in softly muted background colour with subtle shading that welcomes inconsistencies in hue and saturation,” co-founder Sally explains. “It’s not flat colour and then they are hand washed which make the colours all fade a bit and work into each other. It is really lovely.” Sounds good to me.
I order my Armadillo & Co rugs from The Ivy House in Auckland - give the lovely Annie a call if you want to find out more.

Kilim Weave - Pilgrim in Teal/Walnut/Gunmetal
Kilim Weave - Caravan in Peony Multi-colour
Kilim Weave - Caravan in Cerise Multi-colour