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A Minimal Home in Venice Beach, California.

It was just over a year ago that I stopped over in Santa Monica, Los Angeles  for a few days on my way to Italy. I stayed with my architect friend, Stephanie who was a great host and showed me around her cool little neighbourhood.
One night we had dinner with a fellow architect friend of hers, Don Dimester and his wife Lisa, who invited us back to their Venice Beach home that evening -  and it was this place that you see here. I was excited to see it again when it was recently featured in Dwell magazine and to be reminded of my visit there.
Don designed this duplex for himself and his brother, Dennis (who I also met and he kept asking me to keep talking so he could laugh at my kiwi accent). You can read the article here to hear Don's story and how this unique home came about.

A dramatic stairwell going up the roof deck
Large rolling doors are used to open or close off spaces
Dennis' kitchen with sliding doors
The communal roof deck
Photographs by Eric Staudenmaier via Dwell.