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Studio Ilse and The Apartment, Copenhagen

Studio Ilse's residency at The Apartment, Copenhagen

Here is an interesting concept that is looking really good - Studio Ilse, the London based design firm founded by Ilse Crawford, (a designer much admired by myself) has taken up a two month residency at a Copenhagen design gallery called The Apartment.
Set up as a private home rather than a formal exhibition, this is very similar to the Artek/Vitra exhibition presented earlier this year by Studio Ilse, whereas this time the design firm will actually inhabit these spaces until later this year.
"The intention was to bring the apartment to life as a home, not as a gallery" Crawford explains, and she wanted the visitors feel that they could inhabit the spaces themselves. There are furniture designs being released, lectures as well as kitchen suppers to be hosted, which can only add richness and layers to these spaces. This supports Crawford's theory that good design supports human life and behaviour. Love it. If you would like to read more about it, you can by going here and here.

Crawford sitting on the new 'Ilse' sofa - a three seater with mohair velvet upholstery

Photographs via Remodelista.