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Modern Loft in Venice, California

I have had this Venice loft hovering around on my computer's desktop since I spotted it on Remodelista a couple of weeks ago. I like to save inspirational interiors on my desk top when I know there is something that I like about the spaces or I am working on a job and the visuals serve as a starting point - so every morning the images are sitting there waiting for me to keep liking them or to remove them. This one has stayed and I know why.
While the overall interiors of this loft is fresh and modern, which I like, it's the consistent use of the same style joinery that has been used throughout - the wall hung cabinet under the TV, the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedside tables, the low level bedroom storage and the wardrobes. This is very effective in small spaces, especially when the joinery is in the same colour as the walls. It also lets the other elements in the spaces, like the furniture, lighting, art and objects, to be the focal points. Nice.