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10 Interior Tips from Roman and Williams

1. Paint your window frames a dark colour

Lifestyle online publication, Goop recently featured 10 interior tips from Roman and Williams that make a big impact. American design firm Roman and Williams is the successful design duo, Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, who are well known for their work on NYC's Ace Hotel and The Standard Highline. I thought their 10 tips were great ideas to steal, especially if you like their style. I chose a few that I liked to share with you and you can see the rest of the tips here. While you're at it, you could also find out more about Robin and Stephen here.

2. Flowers are the brightest colour in the room.
7. Add layers - pile large round coffee tables with books and objects
8. Collect artwork on one topic, and suddenly you have a collection!
9. Books are essential and can be used everywhere.
10. Use edible décor in the kitchen

Photographs via Goop.